The Monitoring System is setup to alert you when your site is unavailable. To do this, it sends out a message whenever the site has been down for more than three attempts.

The reason it waits for three attempts is simple. 9 times out of 10, it will right itself after one or two attempts, in which case you needn’t have bothered looking for a solution. If it’s still down after 3 attempts it’s likely that it’s a more serious problem, and it’s fairly likely that it will be alerting you to the problem quicker than any end-user could.

The system can send two types of alert - an email and a Tweet.

Email Alerts

Some settings need to be added to your file for this system to work.

You will then need to add the following information:


This sets up gmail as the mail host. The TO_EMAIL list is a list of all of the email addresses that should get copies of alerts.


There are two big benefits of using twitter.

The first is that it will notify your customers of outages in real time.

The second is that you can set it up to text you whenever that account tweets. This means that you get an SMS text message notifying you that the site is down and it doesn’t cost you anything. This is awesome.

To send messages to twitter, you will need to set up Django to work with Twitter. First install the python twitter library:

pip install twitter

Then set up an OAUTH consumer key/token thingy. This links your twitter account to this app. The following needs to be added to

TWITTER = True #False if you don't want to tweet

If you setup a twitter account, then go to the developer tools section of twitter, it talks you through setting this up. It’s not that hard.

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